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If what you eat is just as important as what you do while on vacation, you’ve come to the right place. Minnesota has no shortage of culinary delights for every type of eater, from the famous Juicy Lucy and State Fair food-on-a-stick to fine dining and avant garde fare from award-winning chefs. And don’t forget to wash it down with locally brewed beer, wine or spirits. Find more tasty ideas below, add them to your favorites, and plan your Minnesota foodie getaway today.

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  1. Say Cheers to Harvest Season

    Say Cheers to Harvest Season

    Minnesota’s fall harvest not only promises delicious food to eat, but also tasty things to drink. Wineries across the state celebrate this fruitful time of year with grape stomps, harvest festivals and tasting events, and visitors are invited to get in on the fun.

  2. A Weekend on the Southern Minnesota Beer Trail

    A Weekend on the Southern Minnesota Beer Trail

    While the Twin Cities and Duluth are well-known regions for craft beer, cities across southern Minnesota are fueling the revival of the state’s brewing traditions. From small, upstart brewpubs to the second-oldest family-operated brewery in America, southern Minnesota has a delicious list of must-drink local brews.

  3. Minnesota Apples Are Ripe for the Picking, Eating & Drinking

    Minnesota Apples Are Ripe for the Picking, Eating & Drinking

    Most people can appreciate the flavor and texture of a ripe apple, but few are capable of improving upon it. The University of Minnesota managed to achieve such a feat in 1991 when it released the Honeycrisp apple cultivar. A true, ripe Honeycrisp tastes like an apple with the volume turned up: Both honey-sweet and bracingly tart, it conveys its full flavor in extra-juicy bites. Its larger-than-typical cells allow for the delivery of more moisture than most apple varieties.

  4. Lake Superior Eats

    Lake Superior Eats

    When you head north to the stunning rocky shores of Lake Superior, food may not be the first thing on your mind. But the region has a lovely gastronomic style all its own. From smoked fish to fresh berries to cured meat to some of the region's tastiest breakfasts, the foods found here can transform a pleasant trip into a great vacation.

  5. Get a Taste of the Craft Beverage Boom

    Get a Taste of the Craft Beverage Boom

    While Minnesota is known for producing foods like wild rice, sweet corn and blueberries, it’s the state’s drinkable crops that are making headlines. Wineries, breweries and distilleries – the latest local craze – continue to up the ante with new facilities, recipes and events, and they’re inviting visitors to come taste the results.

  6. Food Trucks Serve Alfresco Fun

    Food Trucks Serve Alfresco Fun

    Once the temperature rises above the freezing mark, Minnesota’s food truck season unofficially begins. This nationwide phenomenon really picked up steam here in 2012, and there are now more than 100 trucks in operation serving everything from cupcakes to Cajun fare.

  7. Minnesota Food on TV

    Minnesota Food on TV

    Take a tour of Minnesota eateries that have been featured on the Travel Channel, Food Network and Bravo.

  8. Head out to the Farm for ... Pizza?

    Head out to the Farm for ... Pizza?

    A handful of Minnesota farms host “pizza nights,” when piping hot pies with freshly picked toppings have visitors flocking from miles around.