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Seasonal Activitites

Spring & Summer
  • Artsy
  • Culinary
  • Family
  • Outdoorsy
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  • Artsy

    • St. Croix Pottery
      St. Croix Pottery

      Potters in Minnesota's St. Croix River Valley carry on a great tradition.

      Visit their studios
    • Pay Homage to Prince
      Pay Homage to Prince

      Take a tour of Prince's Minneapolis.

      Start your tour
    • Summer Concerts
      Summer Concerts

      Many of today’s biggest names in music are headlining national tours that will bring everyone together to fill venues around the soulful state.

      Rock out
    • Arts & Culture
      Arts & Culture
  • Culinary

    • Get a Taste of the Craft Beverage Boom
      Get a Taste of the Craft Beverage Boom

      Minnesota is a hot spot for craft beer, wine and spirits.

      Start sipping
    • Waterfront Dining at Its Finest
      Waterfront Dining at Its Finest

      From old-fashioned supper clubs to casual seafood eateries, where there's open water, there's often a great meal.

      Enjoy the view
    • caitabrams

      Tastes like summer!

    • #OnlyinMN Dining
      #OnlyinMN Dining
  • Family

    • Make New Memories at a Minnesota Resort
      Make New Memories at a Minnesota Resort

      It's never too late to start a new family tradition at a classic Minnesota resort.

      Go now
    • Movies under the Stars
      Movies under the Stars

      A few remaining classic drive-ins, countless movies in city parks, and all kinds of other venues host movie nights all summer long.

      See a Show
    • Explore Minnesota History
      Explore Minnesota History

      Big things have happened in Minnesota and adventures await you. Take a trip back in time and explore Minnesota history with the Minnesota Historical Society.

      Take a trip
    • #OnlyinMN Getaways
      #OnlyinMN Getaways
  • Outdoorsy

    • Summer Activities
      Summer Activities
    • Land of 10,000 Steps
      Land of 10,000 Steps

      Log some miles on these scenic Minnesota trails.

      Find a Trail
    • Bass Fishing
      Bass Fishing

      Walleye may be Minnesota’s state fish, but it’s hard to find a fisherman who would complain about having a largemouth or smallmouth bass hit their bait or lure.

      Go fish
    • Reconnect on a Camping Trip
      Reconnect on a Camping Trip

      From relaxing to rustic, Minnesota has camping covered.

      Find a campsite
  • Events

    • My North
      My North

      Join us as we gear up for Super Bowl 52 with 52 love letters to Minnesota from notable Minnesotans.

      Hear their stories
    • X Games Skate into Minneapolis
      X Games Skate into Minneapolis

      A city that continues to establish itself as a premier sports and entertainment destination, Minneapolis will be the back-to-back host of the ESPN Summer X Games.

      Get stoked
    • Sound the North Tour
      Sound the North Tour

      See the Vikings' Gjallarhorn as it travels around the state, and enter to win one of eight Minnesota getaways.

      Skol Vikings!
    • There's Something Happening Here
      There's Something Happening Here

More Reasons to

  • Minnesota's Most Magnificent Lakes

    These 12 lakes represent just a handful of the many great places to start your Minnesota lake adventure.

    Splash down
  • Sleep in a Tugboat, Treehouse & Other Unique Accommodations

    For those seeking a truly unique experience, many Minnesota lodging properties offer sleeping quarters, history and other quirks that can’t be found anywhere else.

    Plan your trip
  • Learning Vacations Make Minnesota Your Classroom

    Photography, glassblowing, wolf ethology and cooking are just some of the skills you can learn on a Minnesota vacation.

    Learn something new
  • Watch the Past Come Alive at Historic Sites

    Several of Minnesota’s popular historic sites sponsor living history programs, where costumed historical characters introduce you firsthand to the sights, smells and sounds of the past.

    Step into history
  • Explore Minnesota by Train

    Train travel is about as comfortable as travel gets, with wide, reclining seats, plenty of legroom, freedom to walk the length of the train, and big windows for admiring the scenery.

    Ride the rails
  • ATV Trails Cater to All Riders

    Minnesota's ATV trails range from flat and open trails that cater to beginners, to narrow, winding trails that will challenge even the most experienced riders.

    Go ride
  • Minnesota's Performing Arts Scene Has Deep Roots

    From roots this deep, Minnesota’s stellar reputation for the performing arts—theater, classical music and popular music alike—continues to grow.

    See a show

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