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Seasonal Activitites

Spring & Summer
  • Artsy
  • Culinary
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  • Outdoorsy
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  • Artsy

    • Hidden Gem Museums
      Hidden Gem Museums

      Minnesota is full of hidden gem museums; you just need to know where to look.

      Seek them out
    • Pay Homage to Prince
      Pay Homage to Prince

      Take a tour of Prince's Minneapolis.

      Start your tour
    • Summer Concerts
      Summer Concerts

      Many of today’s biggest names in music are headlining national tours that will bring everyone together to fill venues around the soulful state.

      Rock out
    • Arts & Culture
      Arts & Culture
  • Culinary

    • Get a Taste of the Craft Beverage Boom
      Get a Taste of the Craft Beverage Boom

      Minnesota is a hot spot for craft beer, wine and spirits.

      Start sipping
    • Waterfront Dining at Its Finest
      Waterfront Dining at Its Finest

      From old-fashioned supper clubs to casual seafood eateries, where there's open water, there's often a great meal.

      Enjoy the view
    • 45 Must-Visit Ice Cream Shops
      45 Must-Visit Ice Cream Shops

      No vacation is complete without a stop at the local ice cream shop. Here’s a sampling of some popular ice cream shops in Minnesota for whenever your next craving hits.

      Have a scoop
    • #OnlyinMN Dining
      #OnlyinMN Dining
  • Family

    • Make New Memories at a Minnesota Resort
      Make New Memories at a Minnesota Resort

      It's never too late to start a new family tradition at a classic Minnesota resort.

      Go now
    • Art Made for a Child's Imagination
      Art Made for a Child's Imagination

      Multiple museums, theaters and performing arts groups in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area cater to the littlest ones in the family with special exhibits, performances and events created just for them.

      Act like a kid
    • Explore Minnesota History
      Explore Minnesota History

      Big things have happened in Minnesota and adventures await you. Take a trip back in time and explore Minnesota history with the Minnesota Historical Society.

      Take a trip
    • #OnlyinMN Lights, Camera, Action
      #OnlyinMN Lights, Camera, Action
  • Outdoorsy

    • Summer Activities
      Summer Activities
    • How to Catch Walleyes
      How to Catch Walleyes

      Minnesota’s state fish is number one in the minds of many who appreciate the challenge of catching them and the deliciousness of their firm, white meat.

      Cast a line
    • Head to the Headwaters
      Head to the Headwaters

      The Mississippi River gets its start in Minnesota, and its headwaters at Itasca State Park are a must-see destination.

      Follow the river
    • Outdoor Adventures Await
      Outdoor Adventures Await

      With equipment rentals, lessons, and plenty of friendly faces willing to show visitors the way, it’s easy to add a bike ride, fishing trip, round of golf or kayaking excursion to your Minnesota vacation.

      Take an adventure
  • Events

    • My North
      My North

      Plan your next Minnesota adventure with help from 52 notable Minnesotans including Kylie Bunbury, Halima Aden, Dessa and Lindsey Vonn. These are their odes to the state they love.

      Hear their stories
    • Summer Fests Blend Music & Camping
      Summer Fests Blend Music & Camping

      Check out some of Minnesota’s legendary summer music and camping gatherings, from big party weekends to more laid-back family-friendly events.

      Find a fest
    • Minnesota State Fair
      Minnesota State Fair

      The "Great Minnesota Get-Together" features 12 days of food on a stick, agricultural exhibits, parades, entertainment, rides, animals and more.

      Visit the Fair
    • There's Something Happening Here
      There's Something Happening Here

More Reasons to

  • Diverse Communities Enrich Minnesota Culture

    The culture of Minnesota was created, and continues to be influenced, by immigrants. For centuries, wave after wave of newcomers have brought pieces of the old country into the new country, which has become far richer and more diverse as a result.

    Celebrate Diversity
  • Explore Minnesota by Train

    If you love adventure in comfort, visiting Minnesota by train might be for you. One of America’s most legendary and beautiful train rides—Amtrak’s Empire Builder—bisects the state from the scenic southeast corner to the fields and prairies of the northwest.

    All Aboard
  • Minnesota's Tiniest Towns are Full of Big Surprises

    There's nothing quite like exploring a small Minnesota town with family, friends or even solo. Bask in the simple pleasures—and big surprises—found in Minnesota’s smallest towns.

    Hit the town
  • #OnlyinMN Monument

    We're proud to say it's never been easier to find your next #OnlyinMN destination. Literally.

    Find the monument
  • Wheelchair-Accessible Travel in Minnesota is On a Roll

    From state parks to sports stadiums, museums to malls, these Minnesota destinations roll out the red carpet of accessibility for visitors in wheelchairs.

    Get rolling
  • Pedal from Capitol to Canada on the North Star Route

    The 315-mile North Star Route brings riders from metropolitan St. Paul to the bustling port city of Duluth, along the rocky North Shore of Lake Superior, and ends at Minnesota’s highest waterfall, High Falls of the Pigeon River, along the Canadian border.

    Make the trek
  • Adventure, Relax and Retreat with a Women-Only Getaway

    From dog sledding and wilderness canoeing, to wineries and farm tours, an assortment of women’s-specific Minnesota tours cater to a wide range of abilities and interests.

    Take a trip
  • Your Dog Will Love These 6 Hikes & Breweries

    We can think of no better way to explore Minnesota than a hike along some of its fabulous trails with your four-legged BFF by your side. After you’ve both worked up a thirst, head to the nearest dog-friendly brewery patio for some food, fun and locally made suds.

    Bring your pet
  • Where to Eat Walleye in Minnesota

    Walleye are challenging to catch, swim in more than 1,500 lakes, and their value as table fare is unmatched. No matter how it’s prepared, the flaky, thick and mild-tasting fish is a feast fit for royalty.

    Catch a meal
  • Sleep in a Tugboat, Treehouse & More Unique Accommodations

    For many travelers, a hotel is much more than a place to sleep. For those seeking a truly unique experience, these lodging properties throughout Minnesota offer sleeping quarters, history and other quirks that can’t be found anywhere else.

    Snooze in style

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