There's More to Explore in New Minnesota Tourism Campaign

Apr 01, 2013

Contact: Joan Hummel

St Paul, MN (April 1, 2013) – Download video file of Tourism ads:

Explore Minnesota Tourism, the state's tourism promotion office, is launching its spring/summer marketing campaign today promoting "More to Explore" in a series of new television ads featuring images of a variety of fun Minnesota travel activities. The research-based campaign is an evolution of the "More" theme introduced two years ago, and features new video portraying "More to Catch," "More to Spin," "More to Rock" and other variations that convey that message that there's "More to Explore" in Minnesota.

"There's a bright outlook for the travel business this summer, as the economy continues to recover" said John Edman, director of Explore Minnesota Tourism. "Consumers are eager to get out and travel more, and the new ads position Minnesota as a destination that offers what they're looking for."

A study of last year's advertising campaign found that for every dollar invested in state tourism marketing by Minnesota, $84 are spent by travelers here in the state, representing a significant return on investment. "Consumers who are inspired by advertising to travel in Minnesota spend money while they're here, and that benefits communities across the state," explained Edman.

Market research recently conducted for Explore Minnesota Tourism directed the campaign toward families looking for outdoor adventures and spontaneous getaways, and travelers who prefer vibrant cities and their cultural attractions and entertainment. This new, targeted campaign is aimed at those who are most interested in what Minnesota has to offer. The visual imagery is designed to expand consumer perceptions of the state and to appeal to the travel aspirations of target audiences.

The television ads will run through July in the Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Des Moines, Winnipeg and Twin Cities markets. The ads will also run in the Austin, Duluth, Fargo-Moorhead, Mankato and Rochester areas, and during televised broadcasts of Twins games. The television advertising is supplemented by online, mobile and email marketing in the upper Midwest, and radio advertising on many Minnesota stations. A new interactive feature beginning in May will allow visitors to the state travel website and Facebook page to create their own short video from scenes from the TV spots, and will include a sweepstakes.

The ad campaign was developed by Colle+McVoy, the Minneapolis-based ad agency under contract to Explore Minnesota Tourism. In addition to being broadcast, the television spots are posted online on You Tube and on the Explore Minnesota Tourism Facebook page and website,

About Explore Minnesota Tourism
As the state's tourism office, Explore Minnesota Tourism pursues an entrepreneurial approach, leveraging the state's tourism investment with increased involvement by the private sector. A council of representatives from the state's tourism industry connects Explore Minnesota Tourism with tourism businesses and organizations. Tourism is an $11.9 billion industry in Minnesota, a key sector of the state's economy. The leisure and hospitality industry, a major provider of tourism services, employs almost 240,000 Minnesotans and accounts for 17 percent of Minnesota's state sales tax revenues.

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