Jim Peterson

By: Jim Petersen, assistant coach for the Minnesota Lynx


Jim Petersen enjoys golfing at Deacon's Lodge

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One of my favorite pastimes during Minnesota summers is to hit the golf course. It can be tough to find time to get on the greens during the season, but when I have the chance, I still love getting out and swinging some clubs.

When I'm not broadcasting or coaching, I love getting out on the course and playing 18. Before I was an assistant with the Lynx, Sanjay and I would go golfing all summer long. Regardless of how the rounds went, It was a great opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time hitting the links with my son.

One of my favorite Minnesota golf courses to play is Deacon's Lodge in Breezy Point. Breezy Point is one of the beautiful golf destinations Minnesota has to offer and I cherish the memories I have been able to spend with my family there, playing the wonderful game of golf with my son and catching up on life together.