Seimone Augustus

By: Seimone Augustus, guard/forward for the Minnesota Lynx.

Simone Augustus enjoys driving the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Seimone Augustus-largeSince I became a Lynx, I’ve grown to consider Minnesota a second home for me. One of the things I love most about the state is the beautiful scenery it has to offer. I really enjoy driving around and taking in the beautiful Minnesota summer weather during whatever small breaks we have in the season. There are just so many cool places to check out around the state.

One of my favorite places to drive in Minnesota is up north to Duluth and Two Harbors. There is so much scenery to check out on the drive between the two towns from the sights of Lake Superior, waterfalls, lighthouses and parks.

I love being able to relax behind the wheel, so It's great to be able to take time out of the busy season to get in the car and drive around. Minnesota is a great place to hit the road, sit back and enjoy the ride