Minnesota Civil War

By: Janie Dorn, Minnesota Monthly

The Minnesota History Center

"Minnesota and the Civil War Exhibit" at the Minnesota History Center

Calling all history junkies and proud Minnesotans! In "Minnesota and the Civil War," the newest exhibit at the Minnesota History Center in downtown St. Paul, more than 170 artifacts, including diaries, letters, and reminiscences, recapture and retell the riotous and emotional story of Minnesota’s role in this part of American history.

The Civil War left our nation divided with 750,000 dead and 4 million released from bondage; the war changed our nation and characterized our state.

Minnesota played an important role in this nation-defining war in which young men were eager to serve, some women insisted on fighting along side their men, and many were captured and enslaved. The state was the first to send troops to fight. This exhibit, opening March 2 and running through September 8, authentically profiles the heroic individuals both on the battlefront and on the home front. The collection of personal artifacts documents the everyday lives of the extraordinary Minnesotans living through this time.

So pack up the kids or grab a date and head over to the History Center to soak up some knowledge and live music from the Civil War era. Astonishing Minnesotan Civil War stories are retold through authentic artifacts, including telegraph instruments used on the set of Academy Award-winning film Lincoln. The telegraph equipment will be part of a hands-on display where visitors can type messages into a computer and then hear it reproduced in Morse code. For movie savants, that could be reason enough to check it out.

Minnesota History Center
Running March 2-September 8, 2013
$11 adults, $6 children under18
345 Kellogg Blvd. W., St. Paul