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A series of free travel brochures are available to assist with travel planning and vacation choices. Requests for specific community tourism brochures and free travel guides are forwarded directly to those organizations for fulfillment. Vacation brochures of this nature are excellent resources for travel planning. Also, the Minnesota Explorer newspaper and the Minnesota road map are invaluable traveler tools. The Minnesota Travel Guide is particularly useful for non-Minnesota residents.

For personalized assistance, you may contact our Travel Counselors at, or 1-888-VISITMN (1-888-847-4866).

Featured Minnesota Travel Guide
 2017 Explore Minnesota Travel Guide

2017 Explore Minnesota Travel Guide

Order the 2017 Minnesota Travel Guide here, or view an E-version online!

2017-18 Minnesota Highway Map

2017-18 Minnesota Highway Map

Are you lost? We'll help you find your way with the Minnesota state highway map.

2017-18 Winter Minnesota Explorer

2017-18 Winter Minnesota Explorer

Order your 2017-2018 Winter Minnesota Explorer

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