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  • The Northfield Arts Guild's Center for the Arts is on Division Street, near the library, between 3rd and 4th Street, on the east side of the Cannon River. The THEATER is close by on the west side of the Cannon River, just a block west of Hwy 3 on 3rd St.

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  • Sundays and Mondays: Closed. Tuesdays – Fridays: 12 pm to 6 pm (Office, Shop, Gallery). Saturdays: 11 am to 3 pm (Shop/Gallery).

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  • Accessible to Disabled
  • Can Accommodate Groups of 45 or more

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  1. Rachel Egeberg and Mike Wetteland Exhibition

    Rachel Egeberg and Mike Wetteland Exhibition

    304 Division Street South
    Northfield, MN 55057
    Call: (507) 645-8877

    Rachel Egeberg Artist Statement:
    I go downstairs to my studio. I turn on the lights. I sit. I look. Sometimes I sit for a long time, sometimes just a few minutes. When the moment is right, I crank up the music. And I GO!

    This body of work has been honoring what my spirit and soul has to say. No plan. No “idea”. Just following the way my hand flows. There is a build-up of color, followed by a tremendous urge to run wild with black.

    They are about finding and trusting in the flow of your life. Trusting in the darkness and the light. Experimenting with line and color and pace and movement and letting it all come together to create something that feels alive and expansive. A manifestation of the powerful creative force that is within each of us.

    Mike Wetteland Artist Statement:
    I am an amateur photographer whose interest in the medium began with my childhood love for and fascination with all things found in the woodlands, along streams, and in the open prairie. Never the same moment to moment, the dynamic flux of light, color and form would reveal it’s subtle beauty whenever I was still, attentive, and receptive enough to experience it. As time passes my appreciation for the natural landscape deepened and my desire to share these experiences grew. Towards that end I choose the medium of photography. With it I could capture a moment in time and use it as a painter might use a sketch.

    My world of endeavor exists somewhere in the most wonderful gray area between a straight photograph and what one might call digital photographic art. My intent is to create images that move beyond a simple photograph in such a way that the viewer is encourages to creatively interact with the image. The view may take the visual cue of the image before them and decide for themselves where this begins and ends, and to what does the allusion point. Better still, the viewer may experience a simple silent yes. Circle Complete.

  2. Riverfront Fine Arts Festival

    Riverfront Fine Arts Festival

    304 Division Street South
    Northfield, MN 55057
    Call: (507) 645-8877

    The Riverfront Fine Arts Festival began in the 1970s and was named "Best Art Fair" in November 2016 by Southern MN Scene.

    The Festival runs in conjunction with the Defeat of Jesse James Days. Set along the idyllic Cannon River walkway, over 65 fine artists and craftspersons sell their work – ceramics, jewelry, paintings, fiber, wood and steel – there is something for everyone! Rain or shine!

  3. Roxanne Richards and Joy Davis Exhibition

    Roxanne Richards and Joy Davis Exhibition

    304 Division Street South
    Northfield, MN 55057
    Call: (507) 645-8877

    Roxanne Richards Artist Statement:
    I have read that being comfortable alone with one’s self is a great gift. During the past two years, I have found myself alone for long periods of time. Although being alone is not something I would have chosen for myself, life decided to give it to me anyway. I had to overcome seeing aloneness as a punishment or a burden so I could embrace the freedom that being alone can bring. My work explores how we think aloneness feels, how aloneness feels and the opportunities aloneness brings.

    As a colorist, I find dry pastel the perfect medium to explore the depths of color since dry pastels are almost pure pigment. Isopropyl alcohol mixed with dry pastels allows me to both draw and paint with the pastels. This handling of the medium produces a very atmospheric and layered effect, which conveys the ambiguity of my new normal. The figures move in and out of the picture plane confirming my uncertainty of what the future holds and conveys the loss and incertitude over what was but us no more. The one thing all of the figures possess is the desire to be comfortable again.

    Joy Davis Artist Statement:
    After my daughter was born prematurely in 2010 she experiences significant development delays. In an attempt to get distance on my own life during this time, I picked up my camera and used the LCD display. I realized that my anxiety and fear for my daughter were greatly reduced as I lost myself in trying to defamiliarize the subjects in my viewfinder. I’m drawn to strong lines, bursts of color, and details that allow for fresh perspectives. As I continued to experience an increased sense of well-being from my photography, I began wondering if mindfully integrating art into our daily lives could lead to a reprieve from our harried, hurried lives. In the late fall of 2015, I began creating designs from my fine-art photographs and transferring the results onto durable, long-lasting textiles in environmentally-friendly processes. The result is eye-catching, flattering ArtWear in performance-wear fabrics, able to go straight from a strenuous hike to dinner and drinks.

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