#OnlyinMN Monument


Legend has it the #OnlyinMN monument was hand-carved by Paul Bunyan himself: whittled from ancient Minnesota hardwoods into the massive, 40-foot span we see today. And though we're not sure if the stories are true, we're proud to say it's never been easier to find your next #OnlyinMN destination. Literally.

Always on the go, the #OnlyinMN monument can usually be found at a Minnesota attraction or event, but never for too long. Like you, it's a traveler. Watch for this photo opportunity to pop up soon at some of your favorite Minnesota destinations and events.

The #OnlyinMN monument was last seen cheering on the Super Bowl festivities from its primo spot in downtown Minneapolis, Jan. 27–Feb. 4. It's currently taking a bit of time off to recharge and recenter itself, but come summer you'll find it soaking up the sun in Little Falls, June 1–22.

Make sure to check back often for updates on where the "MN-ument" is going next.