Wayzata Chilly Open -CANCELLED- 

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We are heartbroken to make a decision we hoped we would not have to make. We were prepared to put in the extra work despite the conditions and lack of snow. We were ready to keep going and ride out the warmer temps and weather, but we were at a point where we just needed to rip off the band-aid. We have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2024 Wayzata Chilly Open.
For more information visit: https://chillyopen.wayzatachamber.com/2024-wayzata-chilly-open-update/

Please save the date for next year’s Wayzata Chilly Open on February 8, 2025! We will be celebrating our BORN IN ’84 theme – so hold on to your leg warmers and we will see our favorite squad soon.


  • Saturday, February 08, 2025
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