Wilder Pageant 

Event Information

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

11505 Crown Avenue
Walnut Grove, MN 56180
(888) 859-3102 (Toll Free)


The Wilder Pageant is a family-oriented outdoor drama based on the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder in Walnut Grove. It is a live performance each night with all characters from the Walnut Grove area. Laura narrates the story, reflecting on her life in Walnut Grove in the 1870’s.

The Wilder Pageant is presented every July on the banks of Plum Creek west of Walnut Grove. The hillside amphitheater has been developed to allow for extensive lighting, sound, and special effects. Refreshments are available at the concession stand, and the grounds are sprayed for mosquitoes. It is our hope that visitors will take with them a sense of history and a deeper understanding of the joys and hardships that challenged our ancestors when settling the prairie.


The dates for this event have passed. No future dates are available at this time.

7:00 pm Gates Open
8:00 pm Pageant Singers
9:00 pm Pageant Performance
Performance lasts about two hours.

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