Museum Stories

It's Minnesota Museums Month

May in Minnesota is an excellent time for travelers to explore our 4,000 miles of bike trails, take a hike in one of our 76 state parks and forests, and visit any of our 10,000+ lakes. But it’s also the perfect time to visit a museum or two, which is why May has been designated Minnesota Museums Month.


Fun & Learning Collide at Children's Museums

Kids have plenty of places to play in Minnesota, from zoos to indoor waterparks to parks and playgrounds. Also high on this list are children’s museums, which can be found in Duluth, Grand Rapids, St. Paul, Bloomington and Rochester. Rotating exhibits, special events and hands-on activities will delight kids of all ages—and even teach them something in the process.


Made in Minnesota: Learn the Stories behind These Great Products

From Greyhound buses and snowmobiles to SPAM and Red Wing Pottery, Minnesota boasts a boatful of great inventions and beloved products that have been woven into American life for generations. Get the inside story on everyone from Betty Crocker to the Jolly Green Giant by visiting museums and factory tours devoted to the North Star state’s best-known creations.


Educational Attractions Inspire Young Travelers

In addition to creating lasting memories and great photo ops, traveling with your children can actually make them better students. According to research conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, kids who travel are more likely to develop a greater interest in what they're learning in school, get better grades, attend college, and even earn more money as adults.


The Great Gatsby and More: Literary Tourism in Minnesota

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s deep understanding of the power and dangers of wealth in America, portrayed so hauntingly in The Great Gatsby, he first gained by observing neighbors far wealthier than himself around his childhood home on the north side of Summit Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota. “A house below the average on a street above the average,” he once called it, though it would count among the classiest homes on most other streets.


Collect Amazing Art Museum Visits

Minnesota museums and sculpture parks boast amazing collections of art from thousands of years ago to today. From renowned Twin Cities museums to lesser-known gems in greater Minnesota, art shines.


Hidden Gems Worth Finding

This summer, seek out Minnesota’s off-the-radar attractions.


Tales from the Past

Discover fascinating historic sites, museums and attractions across northeast Minnesota, ranging from lofty lighthouses to underground mines.


Railroads & Hockey Make History in Northern Minnesota

See how railroads and hockey have shaped our cities and culture by visiting two unique museums in Northern Minnesota.


Museums Welcome History Detectives

Don your detective hat and explore the fascinating and fun collections at Minnesota’s history museums. Unravel the stories behind intriguing artifacts and learn more about Minnesota’s past.


Discover Minnesota's Ethnic Heritage

Minnesota museums and heritage sites present the experiences of the Ojibwe and Dakota Indians and immigrants who settled in Minnesota-years ago or just recently. The stories they tell reflect the rich tapestry that is Minnesota.


Museums Bring History Alive

The traditions of the Ojibwe and Dakota Indians, the adventures of the voyageur fur traders, the perseverance of the early pioneers, the ethnic heritage of the immigrants who have settled in Minnesota through the ages. Discover state stories at historic sites and museums across Minnesota!