#OnlyinMN Monument

OnlyinMN Monument in Hastings

The #OnlyinMN Monument in Hastings, by the Mississippi River

Legendary Photo Opportunities Found #OnlyinMN

Legend has it the #OnlyinMN monuments were hand-carved by Paul Bunyan himself, whittled from ancient Minnesota hardwoods into the massive structures you see today.

And though we're not sure if the stories are true, we're proud to say it's never been easier to find your next #OnlyinMN destination. Literally. The vibrant blue 40-foot-wide monument and stacked mini-monument are not to be missed. Always on the go, the #OnlyinMN monuments can usually be found at Minnesota attractions or events, but never for too long. Like you, they’re travelers.

Watch for these photo opportunities to pop up soon at some of your favorite Minnesota destinations and events.

Where to Find the Monument

OnlyinMN Monument at Ice Castles in Stillwater

Planning for the monuments' next destinations is underway

Coming Soon!

The monuments are in the shop right now, getting all polished up and ready for their next installations. Stay tuned for more on where they'll be headed in Minnesota this spring and summer.

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