8 Reasons You Need A Fat Bike Vacation This Winter

By Brian Fanelli

1. Because Minnesota has incredible fat bike trails across the entire state and dozens of fat bike rental locations, so you can spice up any trip with some fat biking adventures. It could be the best impromptu decision you'll make all winter.

Fat Bike Northfield Winter 1

2. More of a planner? Schedule your next winter vacation with one of Minnesota’s many fat bike races in mind. We throw some of the best fat bike races in the country, and everyone can find a fat bike race to fit their skill level. Even a yeti.

Whiteout Yeti Cuyuna Fat bike
Yeti sighting at the annual 45NRTH Whiteout race at Cuyuna. Photo by Touch The Sky Blue.

3. Not enough snow for skiing? No problem. Unlike other popular winter sports, fat bikes don’t depend on snow for an adventure. They’re weather-proof, just like you.

Fat Bike Winter Panorama Little Falls

4. And being able to play outside all year is an important part of keeping your family healthy. Fortunately fat biking is fun for the whole family, from your husband and kids…

Fat Bike Family Winter Little Falls

5. …To the family dog!

Fat Bike Dog Northfield Winter

6. Then again, sometimes you just need to get away from it all. A fat bike can carry you to some of Minnesota’s most secluded vistas. Now you can really focus on the sky…

Winter Fat Biking Aurora Borealis Travis Novitsky - Large

7. …Unless you’re too busy finding the ground.

Spirit Mountain Winter Fat Bike Hansi Johnson
Downhill fat biking at Spirit Mountain in Duluth

8. But no matter where you’re riding, or who you’re riding with, the surest sign that a fat bike vacation is what the doctor ordered is also the simplest: Because riding a fat bike will put a smile on your face that's even bigger than your tires!

Jill Boyat Headshot Small