Agassiz Audubon Sanctuary 

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Agassiz Audubon Sanctuary
27499 190th Street NW
Warren, MN 56762

East of Warren MN on Hwy 1, south on 280th Ave NW. Enter the "Wildlife Drive" up on the impoundment berm - at 210th St NW or 200th St NW. Continue a mile down 280th Av NW to the Minnesota Pollinator Garden entrance at 27596 19th St NW.

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The Agassiz Audubon Center, the Agassiz Valley Water Resources Management Project and NW Minnesota Pollinator Garden provide nearly 5 square miles of habitat with a variety of constructed wetlands. It's a great place to spot (and photograph) wildlife - including American White Pelicans, Bald and Golden Eagles, falcons, waterfowl, cranes and shorebirds, warblers and flycatchers, Snowy Owls and other charismatic wildlife. While there is always something amazing to see, we have good reason to brag about our winter species. Snowy Owls are consistent regulars. We also have reports of Long-eared, Northern Saw-whets, Northern Hawk Owls, and Boreal Owls. Irruptive species include redpolls, Pine Siskins, Purple Finches, grosbeaks and Bohemian Waxwings.

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