Beer & Spam Museums Offer a Taste of History

By Explore Minnesota

What do the Schell's Museum of Brewing in New Ulm and the Spam Museum in Austin have in common? Both southern Minnesota destinations celebrate the flavorful history of iconic products.

Schells brewery tourVisitors can taste history in New Ulm at the August Schell Brewery, which has been in business since 1860. Sample German-style brews, tour historic buildings, and explore the Schell’s Museum of Brewing. Hear about Schell’s prohibition plight, nearly being shut down in 1924 for producing a “cereal beverage” that slightly exceeded the legal limit of 1/2 percent alcohol content. Now brewing at full strength, Schell’s offers European brews such as the Pils, a full hop style that started in Pilsen, Bohemia around 1840. Other year-round beers include lagers and stout. Winter seasonal offerings include a dark, creamy alt and the annual “Snowstorm” release brewed with a unique formula each year.

The Spam Museum in Austin celebrates the unique, canned meat product that rose to prominence as a staple for troops and allies in World War II and has become a pop icon throughout the world. The museum tells the interesting story of this brand over 125 years. Take a tour with one of the friendly Spambassadors, check out Spam recipes, and browse the gift shop to take home a bit of history.

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