Delights Are Deep at Minnesota Aquariums

By Explore Minnesota

Minnesota Aquariums

Look beneath the surface of Minnesota aquariums and you’ll find a breathtaking array of life-forms from around the world. And you don’t have to get your feet wet!

Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley

The ponds, reefs, tide pools and tanks at this popular zoo are home to creatures ranging from tiny pygmy seahorses to 10-foot sand tiger sharks. Discover Bay and the Tropics Trail offer spectacular underwater views of ocean- and reef-dwellers like sharks, eels, sea turtles, sea dragons and tropical fish. While you're there, watch a shark feeding or talk with SCUBA-diving staff.

Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, Bloomington

Located inside Mall of America, this huge aquarium boasts 10,000 sea creatures. Encounter species never seen in Minnesota, a stingray pool with an acrylic observation deck above, and an underwater Atlantis. Visitors can also explore a 300-foot tunnel surrounded by sharks and giant sea turtles, displays filled with seahorses and jellyfish, and the new Octopus Garden exhibit.

Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth

How about a closer look at native freshwater fish? On the Duluth waterfront, the Great Lakes Aquarium focuses on fish, otters, turtles, birds and other species that live in the Great Lakes area. As a bonus, see freshwater animals from the Amazon River like the brightly colored poison dart frog and marine creatures like the whitespotted bamboo shark. Coming in summer 2014, "Shipwrecks Alive!" will feature a trio of shipwrecks and their accompanying ecosystems, including various species of shark and stingrays.