Ice Is Nice: No Fuss Fishing

By Explore Minnesota

Ice Fishing CoupleIce fishing has been a favorite Minnesota pastime for many generations of anglers. This low tech, no fuss, boat-free, casual type of fishing has a special appeal all its own.

"It's just a good escape. You and a couple of buddies, good conversation, shoot the breeze," explains Curt Johnson, who gets out ice fishing at least a couple of times each winter. Play a round of cards or listen to a game while you wait for the rattle to let you know there's a fish at the end of the line. And, do it all while you're warm and cozy inside an ice fish house.

Dozens of Minnesota resorts rent ice fish houses. Typically, they're heated, carpeted, furnished with table and chairs, and, of course, two to eight holes in the ice. The houses are positioned over good fishing areas scouted out by the resorts. "Sleeper" houses also have bunks and a cook stove. Or you can rent a day house and return to the comfort of an on-shore resort cabin or motel room.

If you're new to the sport, resort staff can set you up with the gear, which is very basic, and teach you the simple principles of ice fishing. Add a bucket of minnows and you're ready.

Follow the links below for listings of ice fish house rentals: