Test Your Minnesota IQ

By Erica Wacker

How much do you know about Minnesota? Take this quiz to find out.

boundary waters

  1. What is the name of Minnesota’s water-based national park? (Answer)
  2. Where can you find the headwaters of the Mississippi River? (Answer)
  3. What professional sports team is getting a new stadium this year? (Answer)
  4. What is a Juicy Lucy? (Answer)
  5. Where is SPAM made? (Answer)
  6. How many miles of paved bike trails can be found in Minnesota? (Answer)
  7. What is Minnesota’s state fish? (Answer)
  8. How many lakes does Minnesota have? (Answer)
  9. Where can you tour the childhood home of Judy Garland? (Answer)
  10. Which famous American gangster nearly met his match in southern Minnesota? (Answer)
  11. Where can you meet a giant Paul Bunyan statue that speaks your name? (Answer)
  12. What city is home to the Mayo Clinic? (Answer)
  13. What author has a museum dedicated to her in Walnut Grove? (Answer)
  14. Where is the Minnesota State Fair held? (Answer)
  15. What is the primary mode of transportation in the Boundary Waters? (Answer)
  16. Where can you find the largest ball of twine made by one man? (Answer)
  17. How long is the Pine to Prairie Birding Trail? (Answer)
  18. What city was recently named “America’s Best Town”? (Answer)
  19. What is the name of the amusement park inside Mall of America? (Answer)
  20. Where can you find a Viking ship that once sailed to Norway? (Answer)