Creepy Doll Virtual Cocktail 

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Because of Covid-19, the History Center is inviting fans and followers to join in crowning the winning Creepy Doll virtually on Halloween night. To help the dolls (and humans) celebrate, jazz duo John Penny and Steven Hobert will be playing scary music as each doll is honored with its own special cocktail (they are all winners, creepy in their own, special way). Viewers can join in by making the drink at home and toasting each doll. But it’s the winning doll’s evening to reign supreme. “What do you like most about yourself?” “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” The winning doll will answer these questions and more via chat. But Halloween evening holds even more suspense: the winner of the Creepy Doll Costume Pageant will be announced.
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to vote for you favorite doll, or better yet, stop in to HCOC and see them for yourself an vote in person.


The dates for this event have passed. No future dates are available at this time.
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