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Minnesota Great River Road - All-American Road

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The map above is a general visual representation of the route. For detailed route information, directions and information on over 700 things to see and do visit www.MnMississippiRiver.com.


The Great River Road follows the course of the Mississippi River through ten states. It is an official All-American Road and considered one of the country's premier driving destinations. 

Minnesota's Great River Road is a network of roadways offering a bounty of river experiences in a parkway setting. It spans 565 miles, 43 communities, 20 counties, three tribes and six unique destination areas, providing public access to and promoting exploration of America's Great River.

The Mississippi begins in Itasca State Park as a small wilderness stream; visitors can walk across its headwaters. As the river arcs across northern Minnesota, it passes through several large reservoirs, Chippewa National Forest, and the cities of Bemidji and Grand Rapids. Through the center of the state, the landscape is a mix of woods and farmland, and the river flows through Brainerd, Little Falls and St. Cloud, with beautiful public gardens along the riverbanks there.

The Mississippi winds through the heart of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, past both downtowns. The river is lined by walking and biking trails, and there are major museums and a theater complex along the banks as well.

In the south, the Mississippi widens as it flows through a valley below tall, wooded bluffs. There are charming river towns along the way, including Red Wing, Lake City, Wabasha and Winona. From north to south, there are historic sites, scenic parks and interesting towns to experience.

For a river experience by bicycle, follow the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) signs. Current route maps are available at http://www.dot.state.mn.us/bike/routes-maps.html.

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