Stroll the Big Bog Boardwalk

By Explore Minnesota

Big Bog Boardwalk

Big Bog State Recreation Area has the largest peat bog (500 square miles) in the lower 48 states. This is a unique landscape to explore and a great place to examine plants and animals, including rare specimens. A mile-long boardwalk gives visitors an immersive view and experience of the orchidssprawling bog while protecting the bog ecosystem.

Visitors may encounter orchids and rare plants such as yellow-eyed grass and carnivorous sundews and pitcher plants. More than 300 species of birds make their home in the bog, including the great gray owl, Nelson’s sharp-tailed sparrow, and the Connecticut warbler. Other animals include bobcats and bald eagles.

The bog boardwalk begins at Ludlow Island, which features three hiking trails and a picnic shelter. The bog is located in the northern unit of the Big Bog State Recreation Area. The southern unit features other amenities, including a visitor center, observation tower, camping, swimming, and canoe and kayak rental.

Big Bog State Recreation Area is located near Waskish in northwest Minnesota.