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Not only does the Upper Red lake Area offer outstanding fishing but the fact that the small burg of Waskish in nestled between the Pine Island State Forest and the Lost River State forest makes for some outstanding hunting and camping opportunities.

Whether you are looking for the Whitetail Deer of a lifetime, a covey of Ruffed Grouse, waterfowl hunting in the river bottoms, huge Black Bear in the timber, Woodcock in the ash swales or a good rabbit or coyote hunt, the Upper Red Lake area has miles upon miles of public hunting areas just waiting to be explored.

The Upper Red Lake Area has a plethora of public lands that allow for off highway riding whether on an ATV or OHV. Riding adventures could include hunting trips, sightseeing, berry picking or simply a day motoring through the wilderness.

The Red Lake Peatland contains the largest, most diversely patterned peatland in the United States. It lies in the middle of the Agassiz Lowland landscape region in the north central part of the state. Over 50 miles long and 12 miles wide, the big bog, as it is called, features the largest, best developed water track in the United States. The area contains ovoid islands, circular islands, raised bogs, and every pattern of fen feature—tear drop islands, circular islands, and ribbed fens. Trails used by caribou in their migration to Canada's calving grounds can still be seen, though the last migration took place in the 1930s. A portion of the area has been designated a National Natural Landmark.

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