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Grouse hunting in the woods
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Hunting for grouse in the Grand Rapids area

Game On

Challenging and fulfilling, hunting is a big tradition throughout Minnesota. Hunters visit during the firearms season for everything from deer and small game to upland birds and waterfowl. The state’s varied biomes provide incredible habitats for thriving populations of animals across more than 11 million acres.

If you’re planning a Minnesota hunting trip, make sure to research the necessary permits and licenses through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Deer at the Superior Forest Scenic Byway

Deer at the Superior Forest Scenic Byway

Hunting Deer

Minnesota’s thriving deer population affords hunters an incredible 150,000 to 200,000 available to be hunted annually. From open grasslands and prairies to deciduous forests and luscious lakes, there are plenty of stunning sites for deer hunting.

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Hunters and dog in a field

Three hunters and their dog head into the forest in search of grouse

three turkeys spring

Three turkeys in spring / MN DNR

Hunting Turkey

Experience an eastern wild turkey hunt in the northern wilds of the Midwest! These birds are increasingly common throughout much of Minnesota and can be hunted across a variety of landscapes. 

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Father and son deer hunters

Deer hunting is a family affair in Minnesota

A Hunter's Paradise

Across prairies and brushlands, through forests and fields, northwest Minnesota features more than 1 million acres of public land for hunting everything from whitetail deer, grouse, waterfowl, wild turkeys and more.

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