Where to Encounter Wildlife in Northeast Minnesota This Winter

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Three wolves poised on a snow mound at the International Wolf Center in Ely / Eve Schrank

Where to Encounter Wildlife in Northeast Minnesota This Winter

By Minnesota Arrowhead Committee

Birders and wildlife watchers will find much to draw them to northeast Minnesota. Gather your trail maps and life lists for a cold weather scavenger hunt like no other. 

Snowy owl in tree at Voyageurs National Park

Snowy owl in Voyageurs National Park / Abdiel Nieves

Start with some helpful tips in this guide to wildlife viewing in the Crane Lake / Voyageurs National Park area. Then be sure to make reservations at a cozy lodge or cabin

If you long to see ghostly wings of a snowy owl, or the stern majesty of a great grey, the Sax-Zim Bog is your next winter destination. Located on the border of the Mesabi Iron Range, it is home to rarely-seen boreal birds and owls. Detailed maps of driving routes, plus several hiking/snowshoeing areas and winter programming with a bog naturalist make this an ideal getaway for nature lovers.

A moose in the woods near Grand Marais

A moose in the mist near Grand Marais / Travis Novitsky

Hoping to spot an elusive moose?  Head north to Cook County, where you're most likely to encounter this iconic animal. There's even a Moose Viewing Trail and several recommended hiking trails and driving routes that may lead to a sighting.

While these creatures are herbivores, that doesn't mean they can't do some serious damage. Keeping your distance is the best way to enjoy these incredible animals.

Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth

Lake Superior Zoo 

Ever wondered what lies beneath the icy waters of Lake Superior? Find out at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth. Learn about the history and geology of this great lake, plus see some of the critters who reside in and around it during daily programs at this family-friendly destination.

Open year-round, take a bonus trip to the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth. 

Minnesota Arrowhead Committee

Minnesota Arrowhead Committee is a coalition of travel/tourism and commerce organizations working together to promote the Arrowhead region of northeast Minnesota as a vacation destination.