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Minnesota Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

Enjoy the Beauty of Minnesota From Home

Satisfy your passion for puzzling with Minnesota-themed digital jigsaw puzzles made just for you.

These puzzles let you virtually visit your favorite Minnesota destinations like the Mississippi River headwaters, Paisley Park, Pipestone National Monument and more, all from the comfort of your couch. Once you’re all puzzled out, use these #OnlyinMN destinations as inspiration for planning your next Minnesota vacation.

Puzzle Instructions & Tips

  • Jigsaw puzzles can be completed on your phone, tablet or desktop. A mouse or touch-screen is required to manipulate the pieces.
  • Drag and drop the pieces to complete the puzzle.
  • Hover over the image icon at the top of the puzzle screen to reveal the full image of the puzzle.
  • Click the image icon at the top of the puzzle screen to show the full image of the puzzle at all times.
  • Reload the puzzle to change the number of puzzle pieces in the setting to decrease (or increase) skill level.
  • Share with your friends and family. You can even compete to see who can finish their puzzle the fastest!
  1. Como Park Conservatory, St. Paul
    Jigsaw Puzzle - Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Minnesota
    Como Park Conservatory, St. Paul

    This stunning collection of conservatory gardens features 13 different rooms and areas ranging from an orchard house to a dome filled with palm trees, seasonal flower shows, bonsai and a world-renowned Japanese Garden. 

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  2. Mississippi River Headwaters, Itasca State Park
    Jigsaw Puzzle 2 - Itasca State Park, Minnesota
    Mississippi River Headwaters, Itasca State Park

    Up in northern Minnesota, the Mississippi River begins its epic, 2,552-mile journey across America as a gentle stream flowing across rocks at Itasca State Park. Visitors can wade into its gentle waters and hop from rock to rock at the river's humble birthplace. 

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  3. Paisley Park, Chanhassen
    Jigsaw Puzzle 3 - Paisley Park, Minnesota
    Paisley Park, Chanhassen

    Pay tribute to Minnesota royalty with a tour of Paisley Park, Prince’s legendary recording studio, residence and performance venue. Visitors get an up-close-and-personal look at Prince’s iconic wardrobe, musical instruments, rare music and video recordings, set pieces from Purple Rain and more. 

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  4. Northern Lights, Voyageurs National Park
    Jigsaw Puzzle 4 - Northern Lights in Minnesota
    Northern Lights, Voyageurs National Park

    Minnesota is one of the best places to see the northern lights in the lower 48. Accessible primarily by boat, the pristine waterways of Voyageurs National Park feature some of the nation's best dark skies for witnessing the unique magic of an aurora borealis. 

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  5. Quarry Park, Waite Park
    Jigsaw Puzzle - Quarry Park, Minnesota
    Quarry Park, Waite Park

    Built on the site of 20 former granite quarries, Quarry Park near St. Cloud is now home to two swimming quarries with crystal waters, sandy beaches and rocks for jumping off at lower heights. You can also go trout fishing, scuba diving and rock climbing at this central Minnesota treasure. 

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  6. Winniwissa Falls, Pipestone National Monument
    Jigsaw Puzzle - Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota
    Winniwissa Falls, Pipestone National Monument

    Since the 1600s, generations of Plains Indians have traveled to Pipestone to quarry and chisel its soft, red stone into ceremonial pipes. Pipestone Creek flows through the Pipestone National Monument site and dramatically flows over a quartzite cliff at beautiful Winnewisa Falls. 

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