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Digital Jigsaw Puzzle: The Northern Lights

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See the Northern Lights at Voyaguers National Park in northern Minnesota / Martha Shuff

Puzzle #4: See Stellar Skies

Minnesota is one of the best places to see the northern lights in the lower 48, and Voyageurs National Park features some of the best dark skies for witnessing the unique magic of an aurora borealis. Accessible primarily by boat, water makes up more than one-third of the park’s 218,000 acres. From these pristine waterways, Voyageurs offers expansive views of the sky and ample opportunities to view meteor showers, the Milky Way and some of the country’s most breathtaking northern lights displays.

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Puzzle Instructions & Tips

  • Jigsaw puzzles can be completed on your phone, tablet or desktop. A mouse or touch-screen is required to manipulate the pieces.
  • Drag and drop the pieces to complete the puzzle.
  • Hover over the image icon at the top of the puzzle screen to reveal the full image of the puzzle.
  • Click the image icon at the top of the puzzle screen to show the full image of the puzzle at all times.
  • Reload the puzzle to change the number of puzzle pieces in the setting to decrease (or increase) skill level.
  • Share with your friends and family. You can even compete to see who can finish their puzzle the fastest!

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