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Two women fish at Arnesen's Rocky Point Resort on Lake of the Woods
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Two women fish at Arnesen's Rocky Point Resort on Lake of the Woods / Paul Vincent

Get Hooked

Minnesota offers some of the country's best freshwater fishing, including a wide range of colossal lakesscenic streams, and the mighty Mississippi. Roaming these waters are walleye, bass, trout, panfish, northern pike, muskies and more — in every shape and size imaginable. 

Your heart will skip a beat when a denizen of the deep strikes your lure. Hang on. Half the fun is reeling 'em in, but the other half is telling the stories of fearsome trophies in the fallwhoppers in the winter, or the one that got away. 

Catching a large fish in a net off the side of a boat

Boat fishing in Lake Margaret in the Brainerd Lakes Area / Paul Vincent

Where to Fish in Minnesota

We break down the very best fishing in every region

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Willie the Walleye in Baudette

Posing in front of Baudette's Willie the Walleye statue  / Paul Vincent

Take an Epic Trip to Lake of the Woods

What to do on the way to the Walleye Capital of the World

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A man fly fishing in Root River, Spring Valley

Root River Fly Fishing, Spring Valley / Ryan Taylor

10 Reasons to Go Fishing in Minnesota

For starters, the state's got more shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined 

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A freshly caught fish at Arnesen's Rocky Point Resort on Lake of the Woods

A freshly caught fish on Lake of the Woods  / Paul Vincent

Meet Minnesota's Fish

What's lurking in the water in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" 

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