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Camina hasta el mirador de Honeymoon Bluff cerca de Grand Marais / Roy Son  


Get Your Boots Dirty

Everyone's first Minnesota hike is an adventure. 

Maybe yours is a solo backpacking trek on the mountainous, 300-mile Superior Hiking Trail, awestruck by those huge, Lake Superior waves crashing onto the rocky North Shore. Or maybe it's a hike in the city, one that took you to an urban waterfall and ended with a stubborn ice cream stain on your T-shirt that still makes you smile.

All of these hikes have one thing in common: They lead to your True North. From the rolling prairie hills of southwest Minnesota where the bison still roam, to the towering limestone bluffs above the Mississippi River, True North is more than a direction—it's a feeling. 

So lace up your boots, grab your camera and take a deep breath. Every trail brings you closer to your True North. 

Man and dog at Superior Hiking Trail overlook

Sunset on the Superior Hiking Trail / Alyssa Hei

Popular Paths

Minnesota is home to one of the Top 10 Fittest Cities in the U.S. (Minneapolis), and it’s no surprise given the thousands of miles of scenic landscapes, glittering lakes and iconic landmarks available to explore. Here are some of Minnesota’s most popular trails. 

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Woman hiking at Gooseberry Falls State Park

Get your boots dirty on a fall hike at Gooseberry Falls State Park / Micah Kvidt

Wondrous Waterfalls

Waterfalls are truly one of nature’s most magical marvels, and when winter gives way to spring, Minnesota’s waterfalls come to life. These are just a few of the state’s most iconic cascades.

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Girls at Barn Bluff overlook in Red Wing

Barn Bluff overlook in Red Wing is your ticket to an unforgettable view of the city and the Mississippi River / Manda Baldwin

Hiking to New Heights

Known as the “driftless region," Minnesota’s Bluff Country is untouched by glacial drift and erosion, resulting in deep valleys and steep, rocky walls. Here you’ll find some of the most stunning vistas and picturesque views in the state.

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Scenic overlook of the valley from Interstate State Park hiking trail, which is also pet-friendly

Scenic overlook of the valley from Interstate State Park hiking trail, which is also pet-friendly

Tails & Trails

One of the best ways to explore Minnesota’s iconic trails is with your pup panting by your side. After you’ve both worked up a thirst and appetite, stop by the nearest dog-friendly brewery for some local snacks and suds.

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Fall hike Father Hennepin State Park

Make your way to the beach with a stroll through Father Hennepin State Park / Douglas Anderson

Best Fall Hikes

As the weather cools and the trees explode in a breathtaking array of colors, you know fall has arrived in Minnesota. Whether you’re journeying along the North Shore of Lake Superior or the Mississippi River, these are some of the most stunning places to catch the fall foliage. 

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