Saint Paul Gangster Tour


The Original and best Saint Paul Gangster Tour (2 hours by Bus in comfort) is the only tour that starts at the historic Castle Royal Gangster nightclub, preserved today as the Wabasha Street Caves. The Tour reveals why Saint Paul was a center for bootlegging operations and criminal activities during the 1930's prohibition era. Tour route covers all the gangster sights in the entire 5 miles radius of St. Paul where the gangsters lived it up as they planned and executed some of the most notorious crimes ever perpetrated in the upper Midwest. Notorious gangsters included John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, "Machine Gun" Kelly, Alvin "Creepy" Karpis, Fred Barker, Arthur "Doc" Barker, and Ma Barker. Your Guide will be a nefarious gangster hood or his moll, who will be informative and humorous. Tour will take you past the most infamous gangster hideouts and the famous nightclubs where many gangsters spent time socializing with the public. Explore with us the elusive sites of kidnappings, and gun battles associated with the 1930's gangsters. Reservations required, Booking package of both this and the Historic Cave Tour is highly recommended. Tickets $40, or $50 for the package.


The dates for this event have passed. No future dates are available at this time.
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