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  • Artsy

    • 6 Must-Do Music and Art Festivals in Winona
      6 Must-Do Music and Art Festivals in Winona

      Whether you’re a fan of bluegrass, indie rock, symphonies or Shakespeare, Winona's vibrant festival scene has you covered.

      Feel the groove
    • Take a Tour of Prince's Minneapolis
      Take a Tour of Prince's Minneapolis

      From his residence and recording studio in Chanhassen to the Minneapolis nightclub he immortalized in “Purple Rain,” these places played a big role in the much-too-short life of Prince.

      Start your tour
    • Minnesota's Most Memorable Murals
      Minnesota's Most Memorable Murals

      Minnesota's most iconic murals can be found in big cities and small towns all across the state. Some are decades old, while others are new additions.

      See Them All
    • Find Your True North
      Find Your True North

      It's the way a painting stops you in your tracks. It's the first notes of your favorite song reverberating through the venue. It's your True North, and it's only in Minnesota.

      Go Find It
  • Culinary

    • Explore These Twin Cities Food Halls
      Explore These Twin Cities Food Halls

      The national food hall phenomenon has arrived in Minneapolis-St. Paul with a vengeance, coming in a wide variety of inventive iterations to attract the masses.

      Taste the Flavors
    • Minnesota's Most Iconic Meal
      Minnesota's Most Iconic Meal

      Take a cheeseburger, but instead of putting the cheese on top, stuff it inside the patty. The result is called a Juicy Lucy, and it's one food you have to try during your Minnesota vacation.

      Take a Bite
    • Waterfront Dining in Minnesota
      Waterfront Dining in Minnesota

      From old-fashioned supper clubs to casual seafood eateries, where there's open water, there's often a great meal.

      Enjoy the view
    • Where to Eat Walleye in Minnesota
      Where to Eat Walleye in Minnesota

      For people who are serious about eating walleyes, there are a variety of ways to do so in Minnesota. No matter how it’s prepared, the flaky, thick and mild-tasting fish is a feast fit for royalty.

      Find Your Fish
  • Family

    • Minnesota's Tiniest Towns
      Minnesota's Tiniest Towns

      Like rainbow sprinkles on a cold scoop of vanilla, Minnesota’s small towns are both abundant and delightful.

      Take a trip
    • Family-Friendly Resorts in Minnesota
      Family-Friendly Resorts in Minnesota

      Toasting marshmallows around the campfire, staying up late to catch fireflies, playing tag with the kids from the next cabin: Minnesota's resorts are where family memories are made.

      Bring the Kids
    • What's New at Mall of America
      What's New at Mall of America

      See the latest and greatest attractions, entertainment options, restaurants and trendy shops at Mall of America.

      See what's new
    • Multigenerational Travel in Minnesota
      Multigenerational Travel in Minnesota

      By focusing on trips that please everyone from baby to grandma, multigenerational travel has become one of the quickest growing travel trends.

      Read more
  • Outdoorsy

    • Catch the Northern Lights in Minnesota
      Catch the Northern Lights in Minnesota

      The vast, open skies of Minnesota are ideal for viewing the northern lights. Follow these tips for a better chance at catching them on your next vacation.

      Read more
    • Boundary Waters for Beginners
      Boundary Waters for Beginners

      This four-day itinerary highlights some incredible Boundary Waters sights and camping spots, and ends with a hearty dose of small town Minnesota on the final day.

      start paddling
    • Do Go Chasing Waterfalls
      Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

      The serenading song of birds and the thunder of waterfalls signal the arrival of spring in Minnesota.

      Read more
    • Outdoor Adventures Await
      Outdoor Adventures Await

      With equipment rentals, lessons, and plenty of friendly faces willing to show visitors the way, it’s easy to add a bike ride, fishing trip, round of golf or kayaking excursion to your Minnesota vacation.

      Take an adventure
  • Events

    • 48 Essential Minnesota Events
      48 Essential Minnesota Events

      Whether you're into art, animals or ice fishing, you're sure to find an event worth traveling to this year in Minnesota.

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    • Summer Fests Blend Music & Camping
      Summer Fests Blend Music & Camping

      Check out some of Minnesota’s legendary summer music and camping gatherings, from big party weekends to more laid-back family-friendly events.

      Find a fest
    • Minnesota Car Shows, Roll-Ins & Cruises
      Minnesota Car Shows, Roll-Ins & Cruises

      The sparkle of the chrome bumper, the rumble of the souped-up motor, custom steel wheels, pinstripes and fender skirts find their way to car shows, roll-ins and cruises across Minnesota.

      Read more
    • County Fair Guide
      County Fair Guide

      Minnesota's 90 county fairs offer wholesome fun for the whole family.

      Find a Fair

More Reasons to

  • Top Things to Do in Rochester

    From arts to events, shopping, dining and breweries, find what to do, where to eat and where to stay in Rochester.

    Plan Your Trip
  • 5 Ways to Do Duluth

    Whether you’re a family, a foodie or a history buff, you’ll find plenty of things to see and do in this eclectic and vibrant port city.

    Head North
  • 18 Free Things to Do

    Going on vacation doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money. In Minnesota, there are plenty of attractions and activities that are completely free to visitors.

    Visit Them All
  • Your Minnesota Bucket List

    We have your guide to 25 unique events, activities and destinations that can be found only in Minnesota this year.

    Check Them Off
  • County Fair Calendar

    Minnesota boasts more than 90 county fairs, each with its own distinct flavor and personality. Carnival rides, animals and plenty of food are among the many things that make these events fun for the whole family.

    Find a Fair
  • Twin Cities Bike Vacation

    Like the Juicy Lucy, biking in the Twin Cities is more than the sum of its parts—and it’s better here than practically anywhere else in America.

    Get Pedaling
  • 4 Great Towns for a Girls Getaway

    Whether it’s for a gathering of moms giddy at being off-duty or empty-nesters and retirees with the freedom to feel like a kid again, here are four destinations ideal for some footloose fun.

    Plan Your Getaway
  • Car Shows, Roll-Ins & Cruises

    The sparkle of the chrome bumper, the rumble of the souped-up motor, custom steel wheels, pinstripes and fender skirts find their way to car shows, roll-ins and cruises across Minnesota.

    Go Cruisin'
  • 10 Charming Main Streets

    Visit these charming downtowns ideal for leisurely strolls, unique shopping, and wrapping your hands around warm cups of coffee or chilled microbrews while taking in the local vibe.

    Take a Stroll
  • Sleep in a Tugboat, Treehouse & More Unique Accommodations

    For many travelers, a hotel is much more than a place to sleep. For those seeking a truly unique experience, these lodging properties throughout Minnesota offer sleeping quarters, history and other quirks that can’t be found anywhere else.

    Snooze in style

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