Two mountain bikes parked outside of a yurt in Cuyuna

Go Yurt Camping in Minnesota

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Cuyuna is one of three Minnesota State Parks where campers can stay in a yurt

Go Yurt Camping in Minnesota

Think of yurts like camping lite: Similar to a true, backcountry experience, but with bunk beds, shelter and a wood stove to smooth out some of the more intimidating aspects of tent camping.

What to Expect

Modeled after the traditional yurts used by nomads in Central Asia, modern yurts are wood lattice-framed structures with heavy-duty reinforced fabric sides and insulated liners.

Minnesota State Parks operates seven yurts for overnight lodging. These yurts have windows, a domed roof and wood floors. Interior furnishings include bunk beds, a table and chairs or stools, and a wood-burning stove. Outside, visitors will find a picnic table, fire ring and nearby drinking water and vault toilets. And, for winter visitors, logs to feed the wood stove are complimentary all season long. How's that for Minnesota Nice!

Mountain bikers with a yurt at Cuyuna

Stay in a yurt just off the mountain bike trails at Cuyuna / Pinkbike

Where to Find Minnesota's Yurts

Minnesota state parks and recreation areas have seven yurts available to visitors, spread across three sites: 

Six of the yurts are 20 feet in diameter and sleep up to seven people; one at Glendalough State Park is 16 feet in diameter and can accommodate a maximum of three people. Overnight visitors will need to bring their own bedding or sleeping bags. They should also bring a lantern, headlamp or flashlight, because electricity is not available.

Although parking is nearby, it is not possible to drive all the way to the yurts. Getting to them is intended to be part of the adventure and requires walking, wheeling or paddling a short distance to simulate a nomadic experience. The yurts at Glendalough State Park, for example, can be reached from the park's bike path. Three of the yurts—one at each park—are fully accessible, in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Minnesota State Park yurt exterior in winter

At three Minnesota State Parks, you and up to six friends can stay in a yurt / @yayoubetcha

Reserve Your Yurt

The yurts rent for $50 to $70 a night. Reservations can be made year-round, up to 120 days in advance, either online or by calling 1-866-857-2757.