The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Minnesota

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A woman poses with the kaleidoscopic "Times They Are A-Changin" mural of Bob Dylan in downtown Minneapolis 

The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Minnesota

By Brian Fanelli

Looking for the most Instagrammable places in Minnesota? We put together a list of the most popular #OnlyinMN Instagram locations so you can share your Minnesota adventures with everyone you know. From serene urban waterfalls to the world's largest boot, here are 10 of the most Instagram-worthy spots to 'gram during your Minnesota travels.

  1. Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis
    Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis

    Minnehaha Falls Park is an aquatic, natural oasis just a few miles south of downtown Minneapolis. To capture the ultimate waterfall photo of Minnehaha Falls, there are two spots worth checking out: The upper viewing area gives visitors a panoramic shot of the falls, or you can head down the stone staircase to grab an up-close-and-personal shot from below. After snagging the perfect pic, explore the park's picturesque hiking and biking trails along the Mississippi River and cap off your visit with a meal at Sea Salt Eatery.

  2. Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer
    Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer

    Just north of St. Paul in Shafer, Franconia Sculpture Park's larger-than-life interactive artwork has to be seen to be believed. The only rule for visitors? You should definitely touch the art. With exhibits that change every season, artist-lead workshops for kids, and some of the best sculptures you'll find anywhere, this #OnlyinMN gem is what Instagram dreams are made of.

  3. Split Rock Lighthouse, Two Harbors
    Split Rock Lighthouse, Two Harbors

    The North Shore of Lake Superior is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Minnesota, and Split Rock Lighthouse in Two Harbors is a favorite shoot destination for many Instagrammers. For a truly epic shot, hike down to Pebble Beach just up the shore and capture a wide shot of the lighthouse that includes the dramatic rock cliffs Lake Superior shoreline.

  4. The Boundary Waters, Northern Minnesota
    The Boundary Waters, Northern Minnesota

    Canoeing the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is one of the most remote adventures you can have in Minnesota, and photographing its vast network of pristine lakes and hiking trails is sure to inspire your followers—just don’t drop your phone in the water as you take in the beauty! You won't have service while you're in the Boundary Waters itself, so save those photos to your camera roll and toss up a #latergram on your way back to civilization.

  5. Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox, Bemidji
    Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox, Bemidji

    Trying to make an ex jealous? Posing with this handsome, 18-foot tall lumberjack and his 10-foot best friend is the perfect way to say "thank you, next," #OnlyinMN style. Make your way to Bemidji to snap a pic with legendary Minnesota fashion icon Paul Bunyan (and Babe the Blue Ox) on the shore of Lake Bemidji then head out for a day of adventures in northwest Minnesota.

  6. Mississippi Headwaters, Itasca State Park
    Mississippi Headwaters, Itasca State Park

    Whether you're beginning an epic Great River road trip or simply visiting Itasca State Park, be sure to get a photo of the Mississippi River headwaters. Have a friend snap your photo as you walk across the stones marking where Lake Itasca ends and the Mississippi River begins, or make an Instagram story of your wobbly trek across the wet rocks. Bonus: The headwaters is only a 25-mile drove from Paul and Babe in Bemidji, so if you do one you might as well do both.

  7. The World's Largest Boot, Red Wing
    The World's Largest Boot, Red Wing

    A pair of gorgeous, Minnesota-made Red Wing Shoes would be primo Instagram content at any size, but to really ramp up the wow factor, venture down to the Red Wing Shoe Company Museum and snap a photo with the world's largest boot (size 638-D). This massive moc-toe is housed inside the flagship Red Wing Shoes retail and outlet store in downtown Red Wing, where you can pick up a (presumably much smaller) pair for yourself.

  8. Minneopa Falls, Mankato
    Minneopa Falls, Mankato

    Do go chasing waterfalls at Minneopa State Park in Mankato, home to southern Minnesota's largest waterfall. Make your way across the rocky shore until the cliffs beside the falls offer enough shade to perfectly light your shot. Mossy overhangs surround the falls and give the best Minneopa photos an otherworldly beauty you can't find elsewhere. After snagging the perfect pic of the falls, hop in your car and head to the "bison drive" to see Minneopa's roaming bison herd.

  9. "You Betcha" Mural, Brainerd
    "You Betcha" Mural, Brainerd

    Looking for the perfect background to highlight your Midwestern sensibilities? Make the trek to Brainerd and pose for a pic with the Lisa Frank-esque "You Betcha" mural downtown. Try not to crowd anyone else's shot at this popular Midwest mural, but if you absolutely have to, just remember to say the traditional, "ope!" before squeezing on by.

  10. Any of Minnesota's 11,842 Lakes
    Any of Minnesota's 11,842 Lakes

    Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but the real number is 11,842—and they're all ready for a taste of that sweet, sweet Instagram limelight. Make your feed jealous and show the world you're relaxing Minnesota-style with the perfect lakeside photo. You'll really soak up the likes with a sunset-reflecting-off-the-lake shot (always Instagram gold), especially when paired with a roaring campfire.

Brian Fanelli

Brian Fanelli is a writer and editor for Explore Minnesota. When he isn't writing about life in The North, you'll find him browsing the sci-fi shelves in a local bookstore, biking one of Minnesota's spectacular trails or walking his Chihuahua around Minneapolis.