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Charlie’s Café is delicious food at its best. With tasty specials, breakfast, lunch and dinner options along with appetizers and desserts, it’s impossible to go wrong. Our daily specials are always a hit; it might be just what you’re craving. Your hardest decision will be what to order, we guarantee it. From great food to excellent service, Charlie’s Café will make sure that you leave full and satisfied. Check out our menu to see exactly what we offer. After you're done, don’t forget to take some caramel rolls home with you.
Charlie's became one of the two most famous halfway points in the state, the other being Toby’s (Minneapolis Tribune, front page). At any given time, one will find one-half the customers from the West: Fargo, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alexandria, Fergus Falls and Glenwood. The cafe was the centerfold of a recent National Geographic magazine and book entitled, In Search of Lake Wobegon. Garrison Keillor of “Prairie Home Companion” lived South of Freeport when he first started writing and worked at St. John’s radio station. He would be a daily customer and still stops in when he is in the area. It’s popularity is all attributed to great home cooked meals and friendly small town atmosphere. It’s constantly been on café ratings in all food types for years in MN. Whether it is the famous caramel roll, meringue pies (old fashion) or homemade chili and soups. It has been the spot on I-94 and before. Most of the customer base is repeat customers. Whether they are from Minneapolis, St. Paul or Fargo – this is their kitchen away from home.

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