Dampfwerk Distillery 


Our brand represents innovation, creativity, and yet historical simplicity. The Dampfwerk is a family distillery located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and our goal is simple: produce outstanding spirits to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family.

It starts with a name: Dampfwerk. Like most things we do, it is not the easiest name to pronounce, but it goes to the essence of our process. “Steam works” is the translated version, and it is essential to the distillation process to produce our premium spirits.

But we are not just a name; we are a global family that enjoys the simplicity of a good meal and spirits. To create these spirits, we have imported a hand-hammered copper still, originating from the Schwarzwald in Baden, Germany. Like the farmers in Baden, we pride ourselves in building relationships with local orchards and suppliers to produce the best spirit possible under exacting conditions.  

The idea to start a distillery is not one that we came up with overnight but rather was formed over many years, wondering why so much of the German food culture was lost in the US. This dream to recreate the food culture is our passion and is the driving force behind our story to create premier craft spirits that we are proud to present to family and friends. Prost.

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