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Endurance Kennels LLC | Dog Sledding in Minnesota

6838 Pequaywan Lake Road
Duluth, MN 55803

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Dog Sled Rides & Tours in Northern Minnesota. An adventure fit for the whole family! Enjoy the snow and tall trees via sprint sled dog power at 12-18 mph. We're located 18 miles North of Downtown Duluth and 20 miles West of Two Harbors.
- affordable, working within your budget
- a great activity to check off your bucket list
- includes kennel tour and puppy play
- learn fun facts about sled dogs and the sport of mushing
- find wolf and moose tracks in the snow, maybe even spot one!

For all rides, we can take three large adults at a time or three to five kids. Or, a combination of two adults and two kids.

We can do three to ten trips per day rides go seven days per week, weekdays work better than weekends. We do not offer your own driving experience at this point, but we are working towards that in years to come.

Call 218-721-2571 to check for availability and booking or on our website.

Make sure you plan ahead and dress properly. It’s better to dress a little warmer than cooler, remember we are adding a 12-18 mph windchill factor to the ride. Do not wear shoes or your feet will be cold fast!

Please bring ski goggles or sun glasses, some form of face protection. With the melting and freezing snow the dogs are kicking up a lot of small snow chunks.


Please book 48 hours in advance we rarely have openings day of and do not accept drop-ins.
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