Fergus Brewing Company 


A group of buildings overlooking the Otter Tail river in Fergus Falls, MN sat underutilized for years before its potential was recognized by kinetic sculptor Jeffrey Zachmann and his wife, Deb. One building became Jeff’s studio, but one building was destined for something completely different. Jeff and Deb just didn’t quite know what.

Down the road, a dentist named Scott Wagnild and his wife Kathy were dreaming of investing in a new venture. As luck would have it, their oldest daughter Klara married a brewer named Andy. A job offer in the arts sector for Klara, as well as the lure of family ties and the lakes drew the newlyweds back to Fergus Falls after a decade away. The timing of Klara and Andy’s move, coupled with Jeff and Deb’s need to fill a building, Scott and Kathy’s desire to start a new business, and everyone’s love of craft beer, made the birth of Fergus Brewing Company too fortuitous to ignore.

Much has changed since these early days. Stop by to check us out!

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