Giesenbrau Bier Co 


Giesenbrau Bier Co. (pronounced "GHEE-sen-broy") is a family owned and operated brewery whose goal is to serve the local community with fresh, locally crafted lagers and ales with an emphasis on German and Czech tradition.

Why Giesenbrau?
We wanted our name to reflect our roots. Giesen is the family name of one of our founders. Our Giesen ancestors arrived in the United States from the town of Waxweiler, Germany in the 1860s. “Bräu” is the German word for "brew."

So, is this a German brewery?
As the Germans would say, "jein"… yes and no. We hope to invoke the same Gemütlichkeit with our taproom and biergarten that you would feel in any biergarten or Gasthaus in Bavaria. Our bier offerings, however, will be as diverse as any modern brewery found in the United States. There will be traditional Bavarian lagers and Hefeweizen, but also Czech Pilsner, IPAs, stouts, occasional Belgians and sours, and maybe even a few wacky styles that you have never heard of. We respect the Rheinheitsgebot, but we also like to utilize unique ingredients and have fun!

Why "bier?"
We use the German spelling because we first fell in love with bier while living in Bavaria. Simply put, we never met a "bier" we did not like!


M-Th: 3-9 | F-Sa: 12-10 | Su: 12-6
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