Hell's Kitchen 


In the heart of downtown Minneapolis, appropriately located in a beautiful underground space, you’ll discover a chef-owned restaurant known for its damn good food: unique but not fancy, interesting but not fussy. Open for for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks 7 days a week, the restaurant/bar also offers free live music most evenings and during weekend brunch, plus our new late night music program featuring many local and national artists in the folk, americana, jazz and blues genres. Occasionally, we also may have a late night "rock-the-house" show from time to time Fridays and/or Saturdays til 2am.

Owners Steve Meyer and Mitch Omer have been award-winning chefs in the Twin Cities for far longer than their patient wives want to admit. Rather than being "celebrity chefs" with fancy toques and pretentious "vertical" foods, these war horses and their rogue compadres are behind the stove working their asses off to bring you made-from-scratch meals. Almost everything at Hell’s Kitchen is homemade, including ketchup, mustard, tomato juice, iced tea, hot cocoa, and of course our raved-about peanut butter which we now send throughout the world. Even our bar gets in on the "made-from-scratch" action, offering beautiful Bloody Mary’s, locally crafted beers, and awesome cocktails created with house-infused liquors.

Thankfully, our customers understand "you get what you pay for." All the wonderful people who work at Hell’s Kitchen very much appreciate your patronage and fervently hope you too will be converted. So come to our underground lair and enjoy…it’s a fun place (even kids love us!)…a bit on the dark side (yet still light-hearted), but the emphasis always has been and always will be our damn good food.

P.S. Don’t worry about the name…it’s just how we feel slaving in the hot kitchen while you enjoy your meal…and no, we have nothing to do with Gordon Ramsay’s TV train wreck of the same name…our restaurant was slinging hash years before Ramsay’s show started!


Monday–Friday 6:30AM–11PM; Saturday–Sunday 7:30AM–11PM

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