High Court Loft 


Do you like being in the heart of the action? Do you enjoy the crackle and spark of being downtown amidst live music, delicious food, classic cocktails and seasonal beer offerings? If so you’ll want to book your next overnight stay at the High Court Loft. in Lanesboro, MN. Known as the Bed and Breakfast Capital of Minnesota, the High Court Pub loft is located on historic Main Street above the High Court Pub. Once known as Judge French’s chamber on the third floor, experience stately windows overlooking the hustle and bustle of downtown while enjoying the latest amenities. HCP Loft features a full kitchen with dishwasher and microwave plus laundry facilities. Step into a warm shower and relish your privacy by peaking through Judge French’s original peep hole on the bathroom door! The HCP loft features a state of the art Murphy style bed and furnished seating area made for lounging and entertaining small groups. Don’t feel like cooking? Head downstairs and take advantage of our HCP bar menu featuring signature sandwiches, burgers and in house crafted flatbreads prepared with the freshest ingredients. You can even “spirit away” your food and cocktails to the loft and see if you catch a glimpse of the old judge himself!

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