Hole in the Mountain 

Located South of Lake Benton along Highway 75. From the City of Lake Benton, go south on U.S. Highway 75 for 1.50 miles and park at the turn-out along the west side of the highway.

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This prairie provides habitat for more than 25 species of butterflies. There are over 60 species of grasses, sedges, and rushes, 10 species of trees and shrubs, and 200 species of wildflowers found here. Native plants include:

Lotus milk-vetch (Astragalus lotiflorus)
Small-leaved pussytoes (Antennaria parvifolia)
Small white lady’s slipper (Cypripedium candidum)
Red threeawn (Aristida longiseta)
Soft goldenrod (Solidago mollis)
Slender milk-vetch (Astragalus flexuosus)
The parks woodland offer inhabit Wilson's snipes, savannah, vesper and clay-colored sparrows, bobolinks, and dickcissels. There are four trails, for biking, hiking, and skiing. 7k of cross-country ski trails.


SA 10am-10pm, SU 12pm-9pm.
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