J. Selby's 


An inclusive and welcoming space where everyone can enjoy plant-based meals that are familiar, sustainable & ethical.

At J. Selby’s, we intentionally refer to our food as plant-based. We do this with the intention of building a sense of inclusivity and community among all who are making the choice to eat plants.

We hope to offer a dining experience that, although entirely plant-based, feels familiar.

J. Selby’s serves plant-based comfort foods, such as burgers and wraps made with meat and cheese alternatives, as well as vegetable-based dishes, such as stir-fries and salads. We also offer a large variety of delectable baked goods and soft serve - all of which are always dairy- and egg-free.

As of late 2020, J. Selby’s has saved 120,499,200 gallons of water by serving our Dirty Secret, Solo, Philly, and Gyro using plant-based “meats” instead of cows. Every pound of cow meat requires 1800 gallons of water to produce, whereas every pound of soybean/wheat requires only 200 gallons of water to produce. Thank you for helping us ease the burden on our planet!

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