Mickey's Diner 

  • Dining
    • American Fare
    • Locally Grown / Farm to Table
    • Only in MN


Mickey’s Diner was designed to resemble the railroad dining cars of the period. It is unique in that it is one of the first diners to be built in the Art Deco style. Mickey’s Dining Car was manufactured in New Jersey and shipped by rail on a flat bed to its present location.

We at Mickey’s strive to provide delicious, homemade, wholesome and economical meals. We steam and shred our own hash browns from the whole raw potato. Our meat is delivered fresh from a local butcher. Our grade AA extra large eggs come fresh from a local family farm and we cook them only in real butter. Our bread and buns arrive fresh daily from a local St. Paul bakery. Our coffee is ground fresh and roasted locally.

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