Pedal Pushers Cafe 

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    • American Fare
    • Locally Grown / Farm to Table


At Pedal Pushers Cafe, we love real food. Real food comes from real farmers. We work directly with local men and women who are growing the food we serve and they usually bring that food right to our back door.

We know the care farmers put into the raising of their plants and animals. Buying locally helps us get and serve the freshest ingredients possible. We never use MSG, trans fat, or high fructose corn syrup. The natural flavors of meats and vegetables are just fine with us. Come in and enjoy a burger made with locally raised and grass fed beef and then for dessert, get a piece of pie made with vat pasteurized local cream.

It's best for our customers and our community to keep our food dollars local.

"We guarantee fast matter how long it takes!"

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