Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail 

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Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

101 4th St SW
PO Box 11
Elysian, MN 56028

Parking available on Lime Valley Road and STH 22 north of Mankato,also in Madison Lake, Elysian, Waterville, Morristown and Faribault. There are connecting bike trails with the cities of Faribault and Mankato, also a county trail near Mankato.


A 39 mile blacktop trail between Mankato and Faribault wandering near pastures and farmland along several lakes, through three small towns, and through a forested state park. The trail is perfect for biking and hiking, and, in the winter, groomed for snowmobiles.
Near the middle of the trail, cyclists are routed through city streets in Waterville, and at Elysian, there is a railroad depot wayside rest. There are swimming beaches at Waterville, Elysian, Madison Lake and Cannon Lake.


Trail is open to all allowed users year around. Summer seasonal uses generally April thru November. Winter uses generally December thru March.


There is no cost to use the State Trail for bikers, hikers and rollerbladers. A State Ski Pass is required for cross-country Skiing. Snowmobiles must be licensed and have a state trail permit. Horse riders must have a horse trail pass.

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