Tori Ramen 


We are a noodle specialist offering pork-free ramen, vegetarian and vegan options, and are able to accommodate most, if not all dietary needs.

Tori’s philosophy to ramen is simple, zero waste. We make everything from scratch, meaning nothing is pre-made. The roasted chicken chashu we prepare, cooks & drips to the bottom of the pan during the cooking process, and creates what is known as ‘tare’.

The tare is then used to create the flavor component to each specific flavor of ramen. The bones from the duck we fabricate are used in the stock for the next day. All the organic/non-GMO vegetables we use are put into the ramen, while the scraps get full use in our vegetable stock for our many vegan offerings. All waste is controlled with our onsite composting, recycling, and minimal trash system. This harmonious experience is what we believe every restaurant should achieve, not just for the sake of cooking but for our planet in general. We also believe in local products for 90% of what you see on our menu.

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