Utepils Brewing Co (Taproom & Beer Garden) 



Iconic Beer Garden & Taproom nestled upon the banks of Bassett Creek between Downtown Minneapolis & Theodore Wirth Park, Utepils’ 18,000 square foot site features an spacious Taproom, relaxing outdoor Beer Garden, and a full scale craft brewery unlike any other.

Utepils is a neo traditional brewery that embraces brewing & serving authentic European style lagers and ales. Our skilled brewers use malt & hops imported from the areas of Europe these types originated and using artesian spring waters from wells that have served the Twin Cities for over 100 years.

Enjoy a virtual tour of Europe via the most famous & popular beer styles of all time. Enjoy a broad spectrum of beers from Czech lagers to Bavarian Hefeweizen to a Dry Irish Stout and many more. Utepils may feature the broadest array of award winning beers in the Twin Cities.

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