Wegdahl Park 


Chippewa County offers two camper cabins in its new park, Wegdahl. They’re very similar to those found in State Parks, and can be used year around. The park is located six miles south of Montevideo on the Minnesota River, and getting there can be as fun as it is easy: You can drive your vehicle on U.S. Highway 212 or Chippewa County Road 15 right to the cabin doors; hike on foot or ride your bike along a paved trail running directly from Montevideo to the park; or launch your canoe and paddle the Minnesota River to it. A public waters access at the site also makes it a popular destination for anglers and paddlers.

The cabins are being offered on a first-come, first serve basis, at $50 a night. Reservations can be done in person or by phone at the Land and Resource office in the county courthouse building, 320-269-6231.

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