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History & Heritage

Native American powwow dancer
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A Native American dancer in full powwow regalia at the annual Mahkato Wacipi / SPX Sports

Immerse Yourself In Minnesota's Past & Present

Pay homage to Minnesota’s history and heritage when you visit some of these sites. Be transported to a different era at Glensheen Estate in Duluth or Mayowood Mansion in Rochester. Other sites take visitors back in time to experience Minnesota’s pioneer ancestry and rich Native American heritage.

Dancing around the Maypole at Midsommar celebration

Dance around the Maypole at the Gammelgården Museum's annual Midsommar celebration / Gammelgården Museum

Nordic Roots

Minnesota is home to the largest population of Norwegians and Swedes outside of Scandinavia, which makes it the perfect place to fully immerse yourself in Nordic culture, food, design and more. Get ready to go full hygge. 

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Two Somali dancers laughing

Somali dancers celebrating Somali Independence Day in Minneapolis / Somali Museum of Minnesota

Diverse Communities

Minnesota’s diverse population features prominently in the state’s culture. Discover the rich heritage of the Dakota and Ojibwe nations, the cozy conviviality of the Scandinavians, as well as the largest urban concentration of Hmong in the country, and the only operational Somali history museum in the world.

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Native American pow wow dancer in regalia

A dancer at the Prairie Island Indian Community Wacipi near Red Wing  / Lorie Shaull

Indigenous Heritage

Non-Natives can witness the vibrant culture and artistry of Minnesota’s Dakota and Ojibwe nations at a powwow. These celebrations feature traditional dances, tribal reunions, sacred drum circles and more.

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Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox statues in Bemidji

Find these iconic Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox statues in Bemidji / Abhishek Taralekar

Tall Tales

As Paul Bunyan explored Minnesota with his faithful steed, Babe, their footprints filled with water creating the state’s 10,000 lakes. Or so the legend goes. Learn more about this larger-than-life lumberjack at these photo-worthy stops. 

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Metal elephant statue at Nyberg Sculpture Park

The Nyberg Sculpture Park has helped turn Vining into a popular and unique tourist attraction

Colossal Sights

Paul Bunyan and Babe aren’t the only giants in Minnesota! Don’t miss our other must-see marvels, including a 55-foot-tall Jolly Green Giant statue, the biggest ball of twine, one man’s scrap metal sculptures and more.

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